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The Band:
Cindy Youngren - vocals
Jeff Smucker - drums
Steve Youngren - guitar
Jim Donahue - keyboards
E Johnson - bass
Wendy Gossett - vocals

The latest CD "Change from a Penny" is currently #28 on the airwaves around the US blues radio.  (See www.RootsMusicReport.com  )

South Side Cindy is from central  Illinois "where The Blues was not born" but she has been a major influence to make it what it is today.  Cindy has a smooth and dominating voice that can reach inside you to sooth your personal spirits or instantly raise an audience to the edge of the stage to soak in her energy.

South Side Cindy was a Semi-finalist in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN.

This song title and disc name comes from that kind gentleman who taught Cindy & Steve to play craps in Las Vegas.  Yes, right after everyone stacks there money around the table and then Cindy rolled a 7.  He said, "Don't that just make you feel like change from a penny?"

hmmm.  time to write another song. .

Discography "A Taste of Home Cookin'" was released in 2004 and has tracks streaming on GLT 24 hour blues.

Latest CD is "Change From A Penny" released in September 2006.  This disc is a major player on blues radio, including favorite tracks such as "Peace In This World", and "Hurricane."

To contact South Side Cindy and the Slip-Tones please email:

s.youngren@insightbb.com or call: (309) 397-4756.

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